These links will lead you to information aimed at getting you to start thinking about design. Let me know if you come across something you think I should add. This section was suggested by Belinda Chiang, and she very helpfully sent me the links numbered 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.

  1. Design Thinking – from IDEO.
  2. This is How Design Works – specifically for startups, by Wells Riley, a product designer.
  3. DesignLab – learn the foundations of design through interactive lessons and hands-on projects using in-browser tools.
  4. Design Thinking Resources – teaching resources from the at Stanford University. Useful for self-teaching.
  5. D.School Bootcamp Bootleg – a cookbook of methods being taught at Stanford’s
  6. Create a Collaborative Space – from the good folks at Fast Company.
  7. Collective Action Toolkit – resources for creating collective action, from Frog Design.
  8. Design Mind – a resource from Frog Design featuring design centered content.
  9. UX is not UI – a blog post by Erik Flowers. He is a UX zealot based in Utah.


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