Ethics Statement

Attribution: This code of ethics is modeled upon the Food Blog Code of Ethics 2.0 which is found here. Some portions of this code of ethics might be identical to the source.

Innovation Footprints is a blog about entrepreneurship, innovation, technology-enabled startups, investing, and development. The discussions hosted on this blog can have real consequences on entrepreneurs, startups, startup employees, and investors. That being said Innovation Footprints is not a general news outlet. It is a blog dedicated to the subjective opinion of the individuals who author the articles that it publishes. Generally our readers can expect that:

1. We will act like a responsible publisher.

2. We will take accountability for any mistakes that we make and we will try to correct any factually incorrect information that we publish.

3. We will be civil. There will be no malice behind anything we publish.

4. We will only publish our independent opinions. There will be no hidden agenda behind anything published on Innovation Footprints.

5. We will be transparent.

6. We will not steal other people’s work. If we use content from someone else and modify it for our own use we will give attribution to the original source.

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