Startup accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces are becoming popular around the world. This list should help you get started finding one in your region of the world. I would like to add a list of accelerators in China. Let me know if you find one in English, or one in Mandarin or Cantonese that readers can translate into English or other languages.

This article from Inno-hub will get you started on the general concept behind a startup accelerator.

  1. AfriLabs – Africa, a network of tech startup hubs.
  2. Startup Factories – Europe
  3. 110 Accelerators and Incubators – Asia, a list published on June 28, 2013 by Startup Dating.
  4. 10 Accelerators in MENA – Middle East and North Africa, a Top 10 list from Wamda, published on September 28, 2011.
  5. Startup Incubators and Accelerators – Australia, published by The Fetch Blog.
  6. Tech Accelerators and Incubators – Russia and Ukraine, a list by Dmitriy Pustovalov.
  7. The Global Accelerator Network
  8. 50 Amazing Startup Accelerators and Incubators – India, a list published by Magazine42 on April 14, 2013.
  9. Seed-DB – A database of seed accelerators created by Jed Christiansen.
  10. F6S – Another extensive listing of programs for startups, there are several programs listed here for startups in South America.
  11. Startup Hong Kong – A program by the government of Hong Kong aimed at high-impact entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The growth of your startup depends on your ability to create demand for your product or service. Here are some free resources to get you started creating and measuring demand.

  1. eMarketing – The Essential Guide to Digital Marketing, 4th Ed – This is a free download of a textbook by Quirk, a South African digital marketing agency.
  2. 29 Free Internet Tools To Improve Your Marketing Starting Today – from the folks at Buffer.
  3. The Beginner’s Guide To SEO – from the folks at SEO Moz.
  4. Learn Growth Hacking – from the folks at KISSmetrics.
  5. GrowthHackers – a community for the growth obsessed to connect and get inspired.
  6. Articles on Psychology, Marketing and the Brain – Nir Eyal’s blog focuses on how psychology and marketing intersect.
  7. Customer Lifetime Value
  8. Eric Suefert – Eric Suefert’s blog focuses on apps, games and freemium economics.
  9. – a collection of information and tools to help you examine, design, and implement a freemium business model.
  10. How To Build An Online Community: The Ultimate List Of Resources (2013) – from Feverbee.

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