#NotesOnStrategy: 20 Important Questions

Notes from August 12, 2010: 20 Important Questions

Notes from August 12, 2010: 20 Important Questions

I found these notes in one of my old notebooks . . . as I was reorganizing my desk a few days ago, after taking the CFA Level III exam for a 4th time early this month. I do not have any answers written down, but I assume I wrote them down as a starting point for further analyses, research, and discussion.

The person who is ashamed of asking is ashamed of learning.

  1. What is our value proposition?
  2. Does our product address a viable market?
  3. What differentiates our product from the competition?
  4. Is our business scalable, how will we grow?
  5. How committed are we to making this happen?
  6. What are our strengths?
  7. What are our weaknesses?
  8. What price will our customers pay?
  9. How much power do our suppliers have?
  10. How much power do our buyers have?
  11. How should we sell our product?
  12. How should we market our product?
  13. How big is the threat of new entrants?
  14. How will we protect our intellectual property?
  15. Should we pursue outside capital? How much do we need now?
  16. How much cash will we need to survive the early years?
  17. Are our financial projections realistic?
  18. How will we attract the kinds of people we need to join our team and how will we keep the team functioning effectively?
  19. Why are we doing this?
  20. What is our end-game?

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